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Your Alaska Transport Solution


Misty Air, LLC currently operates a Piper PA-18 Super Cub. This aircraft has the ability to get into many areas of Alaska that other aircraft cannot. We operate on 35 inch Alaska Bushwheels enabling us to land in many unimproved locations all summer long. We also operate on skis during the winter allowing us to land in places that would other wise be impossible without the added coverage of snow and ice. If you need parts, fuel or people transported to your location, give us a call and we can get it there in a timely manner! 

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Mining Support

Misty Air, LLC knows how crucial lost time is due to breakdowns. We can limit this lost time by delivering that crucial part as soon as you call us. We are always standing by to ensure a timely delivery of whatever your operation needs. Whether it is delivering an inpector to keep you forging ahead or you just need another fifty gallons of fuel to get you through to the next delivery, we can do it! 

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Claim Staking

Have you found that next great gold or mineral deposit? Do you need to stake your claim before someone else does? Misty Air, LLC has experience staking claims from aircraft. Your pilot has the knowledge and skill needed to precisely fly the grids to ensure your parcel is properly marked.  

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Aerial surveying is the best means of surveying large areas quickly and affordably. Whether you are surveying game; conducting ecological studies; or mapping the land,;Misty Air, LLC is the right choice. We are also able to cater to your Aerial photograpy needs. We can help you find the best spot on your property to build a cabin or get a birds eye view to see what all you have to work with. Misty Air, LLC has the ideal aircraft to survey the area. It is capable of extremely low speeds with ample visibility out of both sides of the aircraft for both the pilot and the passenger. If you are just looking at hunting a new area this year and would like to get up and see wha's around, we can accomidate all your needs.  

Up and Coming

Misty Air, LLC is currently operating a Piper Super Cub and is in the process of acquiring a Cessna 206. We will be getting the aircraft up to commercial operating standards during the winter months. This aircraft will be capable of much larger loads and will have bulk fuel capabilities of approximately 200 gallons at a time. If you think you will require the added benifits of this aircraft during the 2015 season, let us know and we will be sure to add you to our schedule!

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