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Fleet & Crew

Misty Air, LLC is a family owned and operated bussiness. The owners, Sean and Mistee Davis, were born and raised in Alaska and enjoy hunting, fishing, flying, camping, and exploring new areas of the state whenever possible. Sean has been flying for 12 years and has logged over 6,000 hours navigating Alaska's backcountry. Sean is an airline transport rated commercial pilot with an additional Sea Plane rating. He has flown a myraid of different aircraft, up to and including Boeing 737's, but finds his real passion to be sitting behind the controls of his Piper Cub. 



The Piper PA-18 Super Cub 

Misty Air, LLC currently operates a 160 HP Piper Super Cub. This aircraft is equipped with all of the latest and greatest Alaskan mods to include: giant extended baggage, both upper and lower; 35 inch Bush Wheels and baby Bush Wheel; hot rod 160 HP engine with Leading Edge Exhaust; state of the art emergency locator transmitter; and shoulder harnesses for both pilot and passenger. The Cub is maintained to the highest of safety standards as top notch maintenance and safety are our top priorities.  

Winter Ski Flying

When the snow starts falling, the Bush Wheels are traded in for a set of Landes Skis. The snow opens up landing possibilities that were inaccessable all summer long, allowing us to get further into the backcountry. The skis enable us to land on mountain ridges for backcountry skiing or frozen lakes for a day of ice fishing. The possibilities are endless! 

Float Flying
We are currently operating the aircraft on wheels and skis. If the you have a great need for float operations, it would be possible to configure the plane to floats. Give us a call and we will do our best to meet your needs. 
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